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I've had the Mirena inserted on Monday November 4th. So far so good. I thought it was going to hurt during insertion. To my surprise , when the doctor was done I didn't even realize it. No cramping so far and very little spotting. My Mirena was inserted after the last day of my period, I have it to help with heavy menstrual bleeding. I think the reason I don't have a lot of the complications that I have read that most women have is because my tubes are already tied, clipped and burnt. So far so good.

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I'm 26, just celebrated my 1 year anniversary with my Mirena. I remember like if it was yesterday when I had it inserted. It was a very, very painful 30 seconds. My doctor said it would only be a pinch...ah definitely not JUST a pinch. It wasn't that my doctor did anything thing wrong, my doctor is the best, I just was not ready, or expected that kinda of pain. I luckily had taken two days off so I rested and I did have painful cramps. I was spotty for about a week after that. Cramps are pretty bad but it beats worrying about being pregnant. Even though the insertion was painful, ladies I strongly recommend it to every woman who wants a reliable birth control.

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The resone is because I think it caused me to gain weight I was 160 after having my child I was 135 before having her and I'm kinda tall so that was a good size.

In a recent article published in USA Today, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommended that young women and teenagers consider using IUDs over condoms and birth control pills, but glossed over the side effects that could stem from the contraceptive device.

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as well as cautions and warnings about women who should not use mirena

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Because the IUD releases the medication into the uterus, Mirena uses a smaller amount of hormone than birth control pills at a daily rate of 20 mcg of hormone.

m going to have my mirena removed asap

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so i got my mirena takin out the 19th of october after having it a yr

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Hateonit17 - hey i barey readall of ur post but i can tell u u have PID cuz i got it from the merina u need to take it out asap!

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it is often very difficult to tell where certain symptoms are of pregnancy or mirena

i would never have another mirena again side affects just doesn

my mirena story is similar to the many others found here

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ACL reconstruction on my left knee in Sept 2012 (while the Mirena was still inserted).

but mirena will most likely be profitable or skeptically so

How does Mirena come into play?

and i never even thought of mirena being a cause

m scared about us that the dr could not find my mirena so i

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Skin Reactions to pine processionary caterpillar Thaumetopoea pityocampa Schiff.

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have the mirena fitted for the past five years and found it very successfull

i had a little hair loss while mirena was in

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and the progesterone in the mirena is way less than what i was getting in the pill

i got a mirena in 2006 for heavy bleeding

ON my lips at all, papules that are not acne) that WILL NOT GO AWAY and I have not been able to determine on my own what it is (and currently have no health insurance).

Yasmin works by inhibiting the release of an egg during the menstrual cycle.

NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others) or naproxen (Aleve), help reduce menstrual blood loss.

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However, as soon as I stopped taking the Ibuprophen my period would come back with vengeance.

i wish i had never got the mirena put in

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Take multi vitamins during a while (Emergen-c in little bag), drink much water (especially if you feel like your body puffy) and maybe a progestative birth control.

Doctors wont tell you that!

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i would not be surprised if the mirena was capable of that kind of damage

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i am looking at options to go to after the mirena

Be warned, if u have had sex in the week prior, you may still be able to get pregnant if you dont start another form of birth control right away.

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i am sorry to hear about your horrible experience with the mirena

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the mirena for me was great i didnt have periods

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before i had my mirena inserted after my daughter

In the March I could no longer cope and had a complete breakdown and got sectioned under the mental health act.

My latest pregnancy test came out negative.

i came across this site because of problems ive been having ever since ive had mirena put in

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Yoga and meditative techniques that promote relaxation may help relieve menstrual cramps.

i got ithe mirena removed yesterday afternoon

for that reason i have been using a mirena iud

My question is -if the Mirena moved while having sex can i now be pregnant?

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Hi Melissa, this is a question I can appreciate.

While this may work for some, it does not mean it will work for you, and I wish I would have never got it put in.

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Because I was told that after my three months of bleeding I would be done for three years until my IUD is up to remove.

i had the mirena fit yesterday and have felt awful ever since with bad cramps and backache

But, because both of these IUDs contain progestin, using Skyla or Mirena may cause changes in your bleeding patterns.

i have had the mirena since feb and i have piled on the pounds

Plus he can never go down on me because I've been almost constantly spotting!

If you're considering gettting Mirena, see if you're doctor will be using a numbing agent to make insertion less painful.

However, viral RNA tests are expensive, time consuming, and unavailable in many laboratories.

The doctor wanted me to just take medicine to control the symptoms I denied as I thought if you had to be on medicine just to control your birth control issues something is wrong.

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She orders bloodwork, but it all comes back “normal”.

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A generic drug is actually its brand-name equivalent, although it doesnt bear the original trademark and looks slightly different.

Keep checks on it with your doctor or nurse would be best!

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s all coincidence but i had the mirena iud put in on january 29th at 11 weeks pp

Did anyone find out if Mirena can cause problems with HPT results?

Expulsion in less than 1 woman in 20 per five years.

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Before using this product, read the patient insert and discuss the information, as well as other birth control methods, with your health care provider.

prior to being on mirena i would occasionally experience some back pain while ovulating

For a very small number of women there are risks of serious side effects.

Does anyone knows how long it takes your hair to recuperate from this medical disaster?

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In theory, it should work.

She goes to Adult Daycare several days a week for about 6 hrs a day.

Our direct medicines suppliers are based in India - the largest drug manufacturer country, holding more than 80% of pharmacopoeia market today.

you should wait at least 6 weeks before having mirena fitted

i know many people who are on the mirena and it works great for them

i just had my mirena coil fitted two days ago and i have to tell you so far so good

Mirena is terrific BC, but SOOOO horrible for my face.

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Mirena inserted in January of 2006 ( I currently have it in place still) and my husband and I have agreed to have the Mirena removed and NOT take any birth control that have associated with hormones.

Mirena inserted on Valentine's DAy 2011.

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Keep in mind that no birth control is 100% effective.

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i had my mirena removed after about 6 months today

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lolita if you get a copper iud it can lead to heavier periods but if you get a mirena

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There is a lot you can actually quit smoking as they are also effective in decreasing the release of inflammation associated with glucomannan may interfere with the nurses or they can cause the sufferer as the consumption must be drinking water will give your strep throat.

Mirena IUD and it never caused any acne for me personally.

My Flexi-T IUD is expiring this month and I'm feeling really lazy about getting a new one.

i had the mirena back in 2006 for about 7 months

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just be aware that if you had issues with the mirena

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In another suit filed in California by Melody and Ronail Williams, the plaintiffs allege that Bayer is guilty of several actions, including negligent misrepresentation, fraud and failure to warn consumers of dangerous side effects.

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European accounts provide rare descriptions of Indian sati that included the burial of the widow with her dead husband.

The combination of sore boobs (why I take vitamin E), cramps and diarrhea 2 weeks every month was more than I was willing to put up with.

the mirena is a form of birth control

The salient features of the mirena detox are the following.

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im 19 and im getting my mirena taken out on tuesday

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My doctor was AMAZING!

Now, I'm not sure if it's because the hormones in the mirena have worn off or because I'm taking supplements but at the moment I feel fantastic - super healthy and very rampant.

Most intravenous dosages are under 200 mg.

does anyone know about the birth control mirena

So far that medication has been used only about once a month.

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Maybe if the doctors hear first hand from their patients that this is a REAL problem, they will be able to give more educated advice to others.

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My life has been pretty turbulent for the last 3 years (grad school, divorce, cross-country move, intense new romance) and I blamed my symptoms on stress.

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despite the fact that bayer claims this is a rare occurrence with mirena

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mirena has robbed months of my life

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Alternate theories for the spread of sati include it expanding from Kshatriya caste to others castes, not because of wars, but on its own, as part of "Sanskritization" and cultural phenomenon that conflated sati as a caste status symbol.

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t have surgery but instead have the mirena put in

Organizations like NAMI are helping to remove the stigma from mental illness in this country, patient advocates encourage patients and their caregivers to question treatment choices and diagnoses, and laws governing disclosure regarding the side effects of drugs and treatments are more prevalent than ever.

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mirena is covered under most company health plans

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